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Downtown Forest Grove Oregon

  • Licensed MassageTherapist  #11715  
  • Full Emmett Practitioner
  • EmmTech Tutor
  • Professional  Certified Bowenwork Practitioner * **

Oregon board of massage


AMTA member

http://www.bowenworkacademyusa.com     Where I got my certification for Bowenwork


Elizabeth is a graduate of East west college of healing arts on September 2004 from Beaverton campus, She has over 4000 hours of education in the Bodywork field. She is Certified in the Bowenwork Technique started Bowenwork training October 2007 Advanced training 1 Sept 2014, Advanced Training 2 Feb 2015. Associate instructor training Febuary 2016. Bowenwork for people living with cancer, Bowenwork for womens wellness, Deep anatomy exploring structures for Bowenwork Procdures. Importance of Symmetry  and Chronic Conditions with Bowenwork.

I came across Bowenwork back in 2003 when I started Massage school.. wasn't able to recieve treatment until 2007 when I found the closest Bowenworker in St Helens, I decided to take Mod 1 the first training class, because I didn't have the money I couldn't finish my training so for the next 3 years I only used the bowenmoves I learned in Mod 1 with foundation moves that balanced the body so well it helped a few of my clients with different things they were suffereing from: for example one with frozen shoulder they had suffered with for 12 years until I did 3 sessions and it let go.. we wern't focusing on the shoulder but the over all balance of the body we were amazed how well it worked and the letting go of the frozen shoulder was a pleasant surprise. Then I really  had to con't my training I was able to pick up in my training the year  2010 and I became certified in Bowenwork 2011 .. 

My story  I too have suffered from bad pain back in 1989 I was in a head-on collision and then to follow 3 more accidents where I was the passanger in all 4 car accidents between the years 1990-2005.. I had knee pain , left shoulder pain, my mid back , neck pain my neck  would flair ups all the time.  I would have to go see my chiro every other week and massage therapist almost every week for years just to manage my pain.. even with all these treatments I would get flair ups.. Until I found Bowenwork. I still  get Bowenwork treatments now for  tune-ups to help maintain balance in my body to the point where it helps with my menopause symtoms and if I get injured I seek treatment right away and my body responds and releases the pain patterns within hours or a day or so.. I love Bowenwork, I have not only have benefited from it but have helped many with this wonderful treatment...

I was introduced to the Emmett Technique March 2017 I was curious about this technique also from Australia, I am so thankful I took the leap to learn directly from Ross himself. I was blown away how he was able to switch on the muscle and switch them off... I have helped so many of my clients with this amazing technique. So much that now I teach the Emm-Tech short course. This course is not only designed for Bodyworkers but also everyday people. To help family and friends wth pain and discomfort, stability and balance.

  • Cal or text me 503-380-7753