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Do you want a deeply relaxing treatment? Do you want to recover from pain or injury quickly?

 At Forest Grove Bowenwork, we have many tools to choose from, But, Bowenwork is our favorite . . .

 It’s the most intelligent solution we’ve found for Chronic Pain, Illness & Injury Treatment.

Is Bowenwork right for you ?
 Most likely, YES !

Bowenwork is not massage, and is therefore safe where massage may be contraindicated

.Bowenwork is gentle and appropriate for all ages, lifestyles and stages of recovery.Even those suffering from advanced illness can find relief from Bowenwork.

Bowenwork is safe for babies & children, pregnant women and those in compromised conditions.

Now offering Bowenwork!

The Bowen Technique embodies a truly holistic approach to healthcare. It is concerned not just with addressing specific conditions and symptoms, but also with encouraging a natural potentential for health to express itself in every aspect of the client’s life.

Forest Grove Bowenwork
2004 Main Street Suite 210 & 209
Forest Grove Oregon 97116